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Winestien analytically presents percent match data collected from user preferences, educating the user on flavor notes and history of the wines they explore, locally or globally.  Other features include rewards, journal entry, and social integration allowing users to try suggestions from contacts or other users who have rated bottles at a local winery or store.


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Honey Do is a concept application for the virtual honey-to-do list, scheduling regularly updates for home maintenance. This app would house warranties, contractor contacts, paperwork for record keeping, and details on history of home projects, down to the every paint swatch. Built-in features make selecting a service provider for home projects easy by allowing users to contact, schedule quote, book an appointment, or simply set a reminder to do so at a later date. 


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The Black Book was created with the concept of being an all in one luxury service through invitation only access. The interactive customer service experience includes sales, promotions, private event access, personal shopping, and an elite loyalty membership for VIP treatment, sharing in their own private social network.


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Digital Companion is a system designed to help assist baby boomers age in place in anticipation of an increase in health care costs, growing life expectancy with advancements in health care, and the jump in volume of consumers of the end-of-life expenses. Permissions allow for secondary users and certified medical assistants to work remotely, on-screen, with video and audio chat to help product users schedule medical appointments, request prescription refills, or seek medical help. This project concept scales to accommodating everyday life, like calling an Uber to go to an appointment, or keeping a grocery list. The goal is to make the blessing of technology useful and easy for those which it may intimidate, but could benefit from it most.