Week 03: Establishing Requirements

Our course assigned textbook Interaction Design discusses in depth the details of requirements, date gathering techniques, task analysis, and how to get a simple description from our research.

At my current job, user tested feedback is reported after modifications to our system. Primarily, research processes have come in a handful of the formats discussed in chapter 10: questionnaires, and interviews. We have three predominant persona's that represent our primary target audience, as well as two secondary, less active users.

I found this chapter very interesting as it presented the value of creating detail persona's for the overall design process and generating terms for the requirements. Building a "relationship" with these persona's, down to associating a photograph with a hypothetical name, the benefits create an authentic perspective in problem solving — or establishing requirements— for both the stakeholders and the designers.

Week 01: Hello There

  • Quick Weekly Status Update:
    • I would love to share my journey as I explore the challenges of grad school and living my life as normally as possible. Here, I plan to make weekly entries with brief details on assignments and group projects in relation to articles, research, and elements of design.
    • Background: My parents always preached "No one can ever take your education away from you." As a child, I never embraced the depth the words carried. Now, as I'm nearing the end of my 20's, I've experienced enough to know they were right. Statistics say that due to the pressure of family and the struggle of a healthy work-life balance, us ladies cap our salaries at about 35 years old. To me that means that statisticians think once my toddler is in junior high, I'm holding a job at the same level until I retire = not really learning a whole lot. So I decided to do something about it. And IUPUI agreed to let me work on my graduate certificate in HCI, a passion of mine since I learned of parallax coding in HTML/CSS a handful of years ago.
    • Looking forward to getting into a routine, with lots of coffee, and having smoother sailing as I navigate online education.